Moto Trail School RM Motos - Moto Trail Courses

We offer beginner and advanced offroad trail motorcycle courses, so that amateur children and adults can learn and enjoy the experience of driving an off-road motorcycle.

Trail is an exciting discipline that combines the passion for adventure and the adrenaline of exploring off-road terrain. If you are passionate about two wheels and are looking to experience unique emotions, you cannot miss this opportunity.

They are specialized courses in small groups to get the most out of and master the specific driving technique of these vehicles that, due to their weight and sensitivity, require certain skill.

Our focus is on developing key skills such as precise throttle and clutch control, the ability to sense wheel slip, and the dexterity to stand easily and compensate for vehicle inertia. These fundamental aspects are crucial to fully enjoy your routes and trips, and to take full advantage of the potential of your trail bikes on off-road terrain off the asphalt.

With our courses, you will be able to venture with confidence and security on any terrain outside of asphalt, guaranteeing unforgettable moments of fun.

Join us and unleash your adventurous spirit on two wheels!