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How to ride a trail bike in Arena

March 09, 2023 0 Comments

The motorcycle trail offers a great adventurous and recreational activity to spend unforgettable experiences. Moto trial allows us to discover new landscapes where not all vehicles have access. More than an activity to pass the time, it is a full world that will surprise you and end up making you fall in love.

Riding a trail bike in the sand can be an exciting experience, but it can also be challenging if you don't have the right technique. If you're interested in venturing out onto sandy terrain, read on to learn some important tips on how to ride a trail bike in the sand.

How to ride a trail motorcycle in Arena

What is moto trail? 

If we are strict, the word trail motorcycle refers to high-displacement motorcycles designed or directed for all-terrain and adventurous use. Generally, this type of motorcycle is used for adverse mixed terrain (asphalt and off-road) and this means where the roads or streets are not in good condition. This happens for several reasons, in most cases these roads have these unfavorable conditions for other vehicles because they are routes that travel through a natural environment, where paving would be a very intrusive action for the environment.

Among the main brands of trail motorcycle manufacturers, we can find BMW, Ducati, KTM, Triumph, Harley Davidson, Honda, among other brands. The mechanical characteristics are that they are designed for adventure, adverse roads, which is why they have high displacement; They have great cushioning in the rear, the engine powers range between 250 to 400 cc.

It should be noted that the mechanics of trail motorcycles do not seek high speed but rather good power to be able to evade and defend themselves from obstacles that may arise on the road.

Importance of riding on the motorcycle trail

Riding in the world of moto trail is very important, since the recommended riding has many maneuvers that cannot be learned on a conventional bicycle or motorcycle. Also, poor riding can have big consequences, since you can fall off your motorcycle and have an injury. Another important factor associated with motorcycle trail is that driving can vary depending on the type of environment. Let us remember that when we talk about motorcycle trail, we refer to routes through places where human constructions have not reached, for this reason we are going to find dirt roads, mud, rocks and other elements of nature.

In summary, having good driving skills on a motorcycle is useful and necessary. If you are a motorcyclist and are entering the world of trail riding, we recommend that you take a trail riding course to improve your driving and mechanical skills (the latter is very necessary in case of an emergency).

Importance of driving in sand

There are many areas that we face when we decide to go out on a trail motorcycle to some adventure site. A special characteristic of these natural environments is that their traffic routes are usually covered with some element of nature that can make driving a little difficult, such as mud, water, or sand.

Focusing on the sand. Sand can be an element of nature that we can find on the road, especially if we are going to take a tour through an oasis or desert with our motorcycle, where the sand covers the entire road.


The first thing you should do is adjust the tire pressure of your trail bike. In sand, you need a lower pressure to improve traction and prevent the tires from sinking. The correct pressure will vary depending on the type of terrain, the weight of the rider and the load of the bike, so it is important to experiment a little to find the optimal pressure.

Secondly, you must use the correct balance technique . When riding a trail bike in the sand, it is important to maintain balance and keep your weight back. You should lean on the back of the bike and keep the front end light to prevent it from sinking. Keep your knees close to the tank and try to avoid making sudden movements.

Third, you need to keep an eye on traction . Sand can be slippery, so be especially careful when braking and accelerating. Use the brakes carefully and avoid sudden braking. Additionally, it is important to choose the appropriate speed for each situation and use the correct speed reduction technique to avoid skidding.

Piloting style

The type of riding is very important, since if we find ourselves driving our motorcycle on sand with poor technique, we will most likely suffer a fall.

When riding on sand, it is best to place your body backwards and not hold the handlebars firmly but rather gently, without putting pressure on the front suspension and only guiding the motorcycle. The direction will go from left to right and this can scare us but it is important to let the motorcycle go.

The faster we go, the better the bike will go, but at a constant speed without sudden acceleration or braking. It is important not to stop the motorcycle, not to brake. If we do this, the motorcycle will sink in the sand and it will be difficult for us to get going again.

Lastly, it is important that you are prepared for any situation. Make sure you have the appropriate protective equipment with you, such as a helmet, gloves, boots, and a motorcycle jacket. Also, carry basic tools and spare parts for emergencies in case of any unforeseen event.

Riding a trail bike in the sand can be an exciting and fun experience, but it can also be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Follow these tips to enjoy a safe and fun walk in the sand.


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