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Elevate your Adventure Experience: Wunderlich Essential Equipment for your BMW R 1250 GS

September 01, 2023 0 Comments

The passion for motorcycle adventures takes us to unexplored places and awakens our intrepid spirit. If you're a proud owner of a BMW 1250 GS, you know you're in control of a machine that's built to conquer any terrain. But to get the most out of your journey, you need the right equipment.


Ergonomic Seats for Infinite Kilometers

A comfortable seat is the key to enjoying long days on the road. Wunderlich offers the " AKTIVKOMFORT " Ergonomic Seat for the BMW R 1250 GS, designed with gel pad technology and high-density foam for long-lasting comfort. With a price of around €450, this seat is an investment in comfort and resistance to fatigue during your trips.

Wunderlich seat for BMW R1250 GS AKTIVKOMFORT

Comprehensive Protection with Bumpers and Crankcase Protectors

Tackling challenging terrain requires reliable protection. The Wunderlich Engine Guards for BMW R 1250 GS, with an approximate cost of €220, provide solid protection against unexpected impacts. Combined with the Crankcase Protector , around €200, you will keep your motorcycle protected at all times.

Wunderlich Engine Guards for BMW R 1250 GS

Smart Storage Systems for your Adventure

To carry your belongings safely and organized, Wunderlich offers the " EXTREME " Suitcases with supports included, with a price of approximately €964. These high-quality suitcases have a streamlined and water-resistant design, ideal for storing your essential items during your travels.

EXTREME Wunderlich "EXTREME" suitcases for BMW F and R

Control and Style with Heated Grips and Accent Pieces

The Wunderlich Heated Grips, around €200, will keep you comfortable in cold conditions, allowing you to concentrate on the road. Additionally, you can add style and protection with pieces such as the "AKTIVKOMFORT" Radiator Cover, priced approximately €160, which enhances the aesthetics of your BMW 1250 GS.

Your Adventure, Your Style

Wunderlich has proven to be a reliable partner for all motorcycle adventure enthusiasts. With a range of products designed to enhance the comfort, protection and style of your BMW 1250 GS, you're ready to take on any challenge on or off the road. While prices may vary, these investments in quality and performance are worth every penny when it comes to your driving experience.

Prepare your BMW 1250 GS for the ride of your life with the equipment from Wunderlich. Each product is a piece of the puzzle that will help you reach new horizons and live the adventure to the fullest. Don't skimp on quality and comfort: invest in your passion and conquer every path that lies before you.


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