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Essential offroad equipment for BMW R1250GS

February 21, 2023 0 Comments

The BMW R1250GS is a high-quality adventure motorcycle designed to handle all types of terrain, from paved roads to dirt roads and winding trails.

Essential offroad equipment from Wunderlich for the BMW R1250GS

To ensure that you are prepared for any situation, it is important to have the proper equipment. Wunderlich is a leading brand in the motorcycle accessories and gear industry, and here are some of their essential off-road gear for BMW R1250GS:

  1. Performance Windscreen : The Wunderlich Performance Windscreen for the BMW R1250GS is essential off-road equipment that protects the rider from wind and debris on rough terrain. This windshield is taller and wider than the original, which reduces air turbulence and offers better protection against adverse weather conditions.

  2. Engine and Crankcase Protection : Engine and crankcase protection is essential for any adventure bike, protecting critical engine parts from impact and abrasion damage over rough terrain. Wunderlich offers a complete range of skid plates, engine guards and radiator protection covers that protect your motorcycle on rough terrain.

  3. High-quality seats : The seat is one of the most important components of any motorcycle. Wunderlich seats are designed specifically for the BMW R1250GS and offer superior comfort, allowing drivers to cover long distances without pain or fatigue. In addition, the Wunderlich range of seats includes options with higher height for better ergonomics in off-road terrain.

  4. Auxiliary Lights : Auxiliary lights are essential off-road equipment that increase visibility and improve driver safety on rough terrain. Wunderlich offers a wide range of high-quality LED auxiliary lights, which are waterproof and durable. In addition, Wunderlich's auxiliary lights can be mounted in different positions, allowing riders to customize their motorcycle's lighting.

In conclusion, the BMW R1250GS is a high-quality adventure motorcycle designed to handle all types of terrain. Wunderlich essential off-road gear offers extra protection, comfort, visibility and storage to help riders tackle any challenge on rough terrain. Making sure you have these essential pieces of equipment is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey in the BMW R1250GS.

You can see Wunderlich offroad equipment for BMW R1250GS at RM Motos


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