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Women and motorcycles: breaking stereotypes on two wheels

March 31, 2023 0 Comments

Motorcycles have historically been a territory dominated mostly by men. However, more and more women are deciding to break gender stereotypes and enter the exciting world of two wheels.

Women and motorcycles

The growth of the female presence in the world of motorcycles

In recent years, women's participation in motorcycling has experienced notable growth. Whether as amateurs, professional pilots, engineers or entrepreneurs, women are conquering a space that previously seemed reserved exclusively for men. More and more women are interested in motorcycles as a means of transportation, a way of life and an expression of freedom and personality.

Pioneers on the track

Women like Laia Sanz, María Herrera or Ana Carrasco, Spanish motocross and speed riders, have shown that women can also succeed in motorized sports. These pioneers, along with many others around the world, have paved the way for more women to compete and work in the field of motorcycling.

Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco Gabarrón (born March 10, 1997 in Murcia, Spain) is a Spanish motorcycle racer who has made history in the world of speed competitions. Carrasco is known for being the first woman to win a world championship alone in a speed competition, an achievement she achieved in 2018 by winning the Supersport 300 World Championship.

Early career and debut in Moto3:
Ana Carrasco began her career in motorcycling at a young age, competing in national championships such as the Spanish Speed ​​Cup and the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship. Her talent on the track did not go unnoticed, and in 2013, she debuted in the Moto3 World Championship, becoming the third woman to compete in that category. Carrasco competed in Moto3 for several seasons, although without achieving outstanding results.

Jump to Supersport 300:
In 2017, Ana Carrasco transitioned to the Supersport 300 World Championship, a new category at the time. It was in this category where Carrasco made history: in September 2017, she achieved her first victory at the Portimão circuit, Portugal, becoming the first woman to win a solo race in a world speed championship.

World championship:
The highlight of Carrasco's career came in 2018, when she became Supersport 300 world champion. She won two races and earned a total of 93 points, narrowly beating her rivals. This victory was a milestone in the history of motorcycling, as never before had a woman won a solo world championship in a speed competition.

In 2019, Ana Carrasco continued competing in the Supersport 300 category, but was unable to retain her title. The 2020 season was more complicated due to a back injury suffered in an accident during training. However, Carrasco recovered and competed again in 2021, showing his resilience and determination.

Relevance and legacy:
Ana Carrasco is an inspiring figure in motorcycling and a reference for many women who aspire to compete in this sport. Their success and perseverance have proven that women can achieve the highest levels of competition in motorcycling and have paved the way for greater female participation and representation in the sport.

Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera

María Herrera Muñoz (born August 26, 1996 in Oropesa, Toledo, Spain) is a Spanish motorcycle racer who has competed in different World Championship categories, including Moto3 and MotoE. With her talent and skills, Herrera has become a reference for women in the world of speed motorcycling.

Early career and national championship success:

María Herrera began her motorcycling career at a young age, competing in national and regional championships in Spain. In 2013, she achieved a milestone by winning a race in the Spanish Speed ​​Championship (CEV) in the Moto3 category, becoming the first woman to win a race in said championship. His success in the CEV caught the attention of the World Championship teams.

Moto3 World Championship:

María Herrera made her Moto3 World Championship debut in 2013 as a guest rider at the Aragon Grand Prix. In 2015, he made the jump full-time to the Moto3 World Championship. During his time in Moto3, Herrera competed in several seasons and achieved some notable results, such as a ninth place finish at the German Grand Prix in 2016. Although he did not achieve podiums, his performance on the track showed his ability to compete at the highest level in motorcycling.

Transition to MotoE:

In 2019, María Herrera transitioned to the MotoE World Championship, a new category at the time, in which electric motorcycles compete. The decision to join MotoE allowed Herrera to continue his career in the World Championship arena and participate in an innovative and sustainable category. In MotoE, Herrera has shown consistent performance and has achieved results in the points zone on several occasions.

Relevance and impact:

María Herrera is an important figure in motorcycling, and her presence in the World Championship has contributed to increasing the visibility and representation of women in this sport. Despite the challenges and competition in the realm of speed motorcycling, Herrera has proven that women can compete at the highest level and has inspired a new generation of female riders to follow in her footsteps in the sport.

Challenges and stereotypes

Despite the advances, women who choose to enter the world of motorcycles still must face prejudices and gender stereotypes. Some of these challenges include the lack of female representation in the industry, the shortage of equipment and clothing designed specifically for women, and the social stigma associated with female motorcyclists. It is essential to continue working to break down these barriers and foster a culture of equality in motorcycling.

Women and motorcycles

The impact on industry and society

The growing presence of women in the motorcycle field is causing a positive change in the industry. Manufacturers have begun to design motorcycles and accessories designed specifically for the female audience, and brands are investing in advertising campaigns that include women as protagonists. These changes not only benefit female motorcyclists, but also enrich and diversify the world of motorcycling as a whole.


Women are showing that there are no limits or borders in the world of motorcycles. As more women join the biker community and assert their rights, they are breaking stereotypes and building a more equal and inclusive future. It is essential to continue supporting and encouraging female participation in motorcycling, so that women can continue enjoying the freedom, passion and adrenaline that two wheels offer.


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