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First steps to learn to drive our trail motorcycle in offroad

February 27, 2023 0 Comments

Learning to ride a trail motorcycle offroad can be an exciting and challenging experience, but it can also be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.

When we look at adventure and motorcycle magazines, there are several things that particularly catch our attention. One of them are the large and innovative motorcycles that function as an all-terrain transport vehicle, in most cases they are trail motorcycles.

First steps to learn to drive our trail motorcycle offroad

The other particular aspect is the great and extraordinary landscapes where these motorcycles operate to make trips and tours. The combination of these two particularities is the function of a trail motorcycle, to travel through environments where any vehicle cannot overcome environmental difficulties (dirt routes, mud, mud, sand, adverse climates and little communication).
By traveling through these beautiful natural landscapes we can have incredible experiences on the route, adding riding techniques, driving skills, and some mechanical knowledge, all of this is given to you by a few years doing trail riding.

What is offroad?

Offroad is a very broad concept, it indicates the driving of a 4x4 or all-terrain vehicle on unpaved roads or streets, generally in natural environments with difficult access. Driving by assault offers a nice experience, since we can see the landscape, distract ourselves a little and even if it is a long road with little traffic, we can say that it is a relaxing experience.

Despite all the benefits of driving on asphalt, offroad addresses all types of driving on unpaved roads in 4x4 vehicles and among these cars, trail motorcycles stand out. Leaving the urban world and its paved streets revives a spark of invigorating emotion, this action also represents freedom, adrenaline and adventure.

When we talk about motorcycles, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is speed, going fast on the highway to win a race, but this is not the case of offroad. Offroading consists of overcoming adversities that are normally found on unpaved roads that may contain mud, mud, stones, sand, snow or any element of nature.

In fact, a curious fact. In many cases in offroad activity, including any all-terrain vehicle, it is not recommended to go at high speeds on many occasions on these adverse roads. Since this can cause the motorcycle to fall. It is recommended to avoid falls in offroad environments in order to avoid damage to the motorcycle ourselves.

How to start in Offroad?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is to own an offroad vehicle, it can be a truck, car or motorcycle. In this article we are going to emphasize trail motorcycles.

By immersing ourselves in the world of trail motorcycles, we can find a large number of brands that offer us excellent motorcycles, such as Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, among others.

Learn the basics of motorcycle riding

Before venturing offroad, you should have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of motorcycle riding. This includes learning how to start the motorcycle, accelerate and brake, change gears, and drive in a straight line. If you are unsure about these fundamentals, it is advisable to take a basic beginner motorcycle riding course.

Many people make the mistake that driving a trail motorcycle is almost the same as driving a conventional motorcycle on normal streets, all of this is false.

It is true that the motorcycle shares most of the issues in its operation, however, trail motorcycles are made with other objectives and their functions are broader, adding that their driving environment differs from that of typical paved and urban streets.

A trail motorcycle course is an excellent option to get started in Offroad driving, for several reasons. You will have classes with teachers with a lot of experience in driving, this experience will help you avoid making mistakes.

In trail motorcycle courses there are several levels (initial, medium and advanced) but at this level the instructors will teach the basic riding postures, movements necessary for curves and jumps or overcoming obstacles on the road. They will also teach useful notions of applied mechanics so that you can assist your motorcycle in an emergency on an adventure route.

Another great option is that you would be becoming professional in the field of trail motorcycles, so you would be investing in yourself.


Know your trail bike

After purchasing your trail bike, we recommend driving it in a friendly environment for several days, you can drive it on asphalt for a few days.

Why do we recommend driving trail motorcycles on asphalt if they are made for adventure in adverse places in nature? Well for a simple but important reason. We do not know our new vehicle, we have never driven it, it is advisable to practice its handling, adapt to its controls or its small “tricks” in a friendly environment without many setbacks.

This is very important since adapting to our new trail motorcycle on an adventure route can be a bad experience. We are not saying that the adaptation cannot be done successfully, but if you have little experience riding a trail motorcycle it is better. Take your time and practice a little at home, on comfortable streets to arrive prepared for the adventure terrain.

Equip yourself properly

Safety is essential when riding a trail motorcycle offroad. Always wear an approved helmet, protective glasses and gloves. You should also wear protective clothing, such as motorcycle boots, a jacket, and pants with knee protection. The right clothing can help reduce the impact of any fall or collision, as well as protect you from the elements.

It is important to highlight eye protection and the use of glasses. Since in offroad environments we can encounter many elements when driving that can collide with our eyes (small stones, mud or sand), this on the one hand can obstruct our vision and on the other can cause medical damage.

Equip yourself at RM MOTOS with everything you need

Practice on soft terrain

Once you've learned the basics of riding and know your trail bike, it's time to practice. Start on gentle terrain, such as an open field or gravel road, before venturing into more difficult terrain. Practice accelerating, braking and shifting, and get used to how the bike responds in different situations.

Learn offroad driving techniques

Offroad driving requires different skills than those used on the road. Learn techniques such as body position, driving on slopes, and using the front and rear brakes to control speed on difficult terrain. You should also be aware of recovery techniques if you get stuck or the bike falls over.

Go with someone experienced

If possible, it is recommended that someone experienced in offroad driving accompany you. This person can guide you and give you useful advice as you familiarize yourself with your trail bike and practice on soft terrain.

Learning to ride a trail motorcycle offroad takes time and practice, but by following these first steps you can do it safely and effectively. Always remember to prioritize safety, equip yourself properly and respect the driving rules on each terrain you find yourself on.

The ideal is to attend specialized offroad trail motorcycle courses where you will learn everything you need in a controlled environment,


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